Jamaine Arthur

Jamaine Arthur affectionately referred to as Daytona is one of the founders of Hood Savior Inc and a dynamic entrepreneur, filmmaker, musician, and coach. As an independent musician, Daytona’s work has been featured on BET and in magazines and publications nationwide. As a youth basketball coach, he has guided his teams to five league championships. Born and raised in the Southwark neighborhood, Jamaine is well aware of the struggles that the residents in the community face. As a community leader, he has taken an active role in establishing programs and opportunities aimed at alleviating society’s mounting pressures for the betterment of the community. 

Taryn Goldsmith Arthur

Taryn Goldsmith Arthur is a founder of Hood Savior Inc and an accomplished author, entrepreneur, filmmaker, poet, and mental health and youth advocate. Taryn has found great purpose in using her voice to encourage positive change. She has shared her personal testimony and perspective on overcoming trauma and curating your mindset on several platforms including NAMI’s Ending the Silence Program, The Crazy Like a Fox Black Mental Health tour, and at various middle and high schools around Philadelphia. Her passion for being an agent of change has led her to take on a number of community roles including a Reading Captain, Certified Trauma Responder with the Network of Neighbors, and a member of Bethanna’s Community Action Board. Making good on her mission to be the change that she wants to see, Taryn takes pride in her work in the nonprofit sector including her roles as co-founder and Director of Operations for Hood Savior Inc, Founder and Executive Director of Mood Swingin Inc, and the Northeastern Committee Chair for Girls Who Brunch Tour.